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April 10, 2014

Find Your LOOK at Eyedeology

Looking for a new pair of glasses?  What’s your face shape? Select yours and and we’ll help you find flattering eyeglasses for your face shape. Use the recommendations below to help narrow your search.   

  • Oval: Oval shaped faces have lightly curved jaw lines that are narrower than the forehead, and high, angled cheekbones.  Oval shaped faces are versatile in regards to shape, and color, and frames can be chosen based on which features the wearer chooses to highlight.
  • Square: Square shaped faces have well defined angles in the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.  The length and width of your face are proportional.   Choose frames that are oval or circular in a darker frame to give you a softer look.  Avoid frames that are square.
  • Heart: Heart shaped faces have broad foreheads which tapper down to a small chin, and generally have high cheekbones. Choose frames that are thin, light, oval or round shaped to provide a balance.  Shy away from top-heavy styles that will imbalance your look by adding more attention towards your upper face.
  • Round: Round shaped faces have full cheeks, a wide forehead, and a rounded chin. Choosing stronger angled frames will add contrast and avoid the washed out effect that the more circular lenses provide.  Avoid small, short, round frames that will enhance your circular features.
  • Diamond: The rarest of the facial shapes, diamond faces have wide cheekbones, narrow foreheads and an angular jaw line.  To achieve a balance for your facial features, select oval or rimless frames that will help enhance your natural beauty.   Very narrow, thin frames should be avoided. 
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