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April 15, 2014

Want to Lengthen Your Lashes Naturally?

Ladies, are you tired of mascaras that claim to lengthen eyelashes but unfortunately do not live up to your expectations? Or how about those semi-permanent eyelash extensions that need replacing every two to four weeks? Looking for a natural alternative to grow your lashes?

New to EyedeologyTM is ZORIA Boost Lash Intensifying Serum. This serum uses a patented polypepetide technology developed by an Ophthalmologist and biochemist, Lili Fan M.D., to enhance and support the eyelash growth cycle, for longer, fuller, darker looking lashes.

There are three phases of the eyelash growth cycle:

1. The first phase of eyelash growth is known as the Anagen phase which is
the active growth phase lasting between 4-8 weeks.  During this phase the polypepetide technology in Zoria Boost stimulates keratin genes and hair follicles to support natural eyelash growth.

2. The second phase is known as the Catagen phase (or transition phase) lasting approximately 2-3 weeks. Once eyelashes reach their maximum length and volume, Zoria Boost continues to strengthen, repair and protect in this no growth phase.

3. The resting phase, known as the Telogen phase lasts approximately 16-36 weeks. Before the eyelashes eventually fall out, Zoria Boost
conditions them to prolong this final phase creating the appearance of
longer, fuller lashes.

Zoria Boost is a clinically proven, drug free formula that is non-irritating and delivers noticeable results without potential side effects associated with other lash enhancement products. This hypoallergenic formula is safe for contact lens wearers and ideal for those with sensitive eyes.

So if you want a natural way to stimulate, strengthen and conditions your eyelashes by creating a dramatically longer, fuller and intense look, come into to EyedeologyTM and talk to us about our natural eyelash serum.

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