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November 2, 2016

Sparkle Radar – Swarovski Eyewear

Making the best crystals in the world is our passion, with the widest range of colors, forms and sizes, the best durability you can find, and produced in a sustainable way. A brand with its unique sparkle since 1895 has inspired generations of the world’s best designers, and infused our lives with glamour.

Not only can you wear these lovely pieces of jewelry but now you can also wear it as eye candy.  Swarovski offers an eyewear collection full of its glamour and shine.  These beauties are made of top quality materials and manufactured with sheer perfection.  Swarovski crystal eyeglasses have been influenced by the jewelry collections that have made the brand a household name.

Eyewear styles display bold, diamond cut shapes, as well as more refined, simpler designs.  You can wear these pieces to dress up your wardrobe or if you simply want the option to feel like a princess.  Trendsetting celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing Swarovski eyewear and crystal sunglasses.

Calling all YYC Fashionistas to stop by EyedeologyTM and check out these stunning pieces that will surely catch your eye.  With sparkle in mind just in time for those sleigh bells jingling, ring tingle tingling too!