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May 2, 2022

Umay REST – The Future Of Dry Eye Therapy

Now you have no reason for not using your eye mask to help your dry eyes!

Introducing Umay REST, a science-based technology to help you with your dry eyes and improve your sleep patterns. Umay REST combines the sciences of warming and cooling, and mindful breathing to improve your tears and sleep at the same time. Patients who suffer from dry eyes are more symptomatic if they have poor sleep quality. For some of you who have been following us since the beginning, we talked about Umay REST on BTCalgary in 2018.

Umay REST allows you to unplug from your digital device, relax your eyes, and guide you through a mindful breathing exercise to help you sleep better. We call the experience Thermal Meditation™. Everyone can benefit from better sleep and healthy eyes.

If you were finding it inconvenient to microwave your eye mask, the REST device is digital and turns on with a click of a button. It has several customizable settings to help you rise, recharge and rest. The device features an automatic timer and shut-off, keeps track of your usage, and is portable so you can take it with you anywhere!

We are one of the first Optometry practices to be able to trial this great device and provide feedback to Umay. We are also the first to carry it for retail. Come try it out in the office for yourself.

Umay Rest was showcased in Dragon’s Den – CBC

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Why Umay Rest is better than a traditional eye mask?

Umay rest is convenient, travel-friendly has multiple settings, & an application to help you track your usage. No microwave is required. It has heat and cool setting and helps improve your sleep with its mindful breathing

Is maintaining a Umay Rest eye mask difficult?

No. It’s low maintenance and only needs to be charged.  Settings can be changed to suit you on its application.

Is Umay Rest eye mask safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use to manage dry eye disease symptoms

Where can I buy a Umay Rest eye mask in Calgary? Can I try one before purchasing it?

Yes, you can try it out at the Eyedeology clinic before purchasing.  Call us at 587-353-5061 to see if there are any ongoing offers.

Should I consult an Optometrist before buying Umay Rest?

Yes, you should consult our Optometrists to determine if Umay Rest is best for you.

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