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December 10, 2022

Air Optix Colors

Looking to change up your eye game? Combine style with comfort with the newest contact lens technology by Air Optix! At Eyedeology, we offer Air Optix Colors, which are specialised contact lenses that contain a clear region centred at your pupils (the darkest portion of the eye) and a colored opaque matrix on and around the iris (the colored portion of the eye) to enhance or temporarily change the appearance of your eye colour while wearing the lenses. They are monthly disposable contact lenses that come in a variety of colour options. To make the shade appear more natural, the colored matrix of the Air Optix colored contact lenses consist of the following: 

  1. Outer ring- which emphasises the iris
  2. Primary colour- transforms the eye colour
  3. inner ring- brightens and adds depth to the eye

While colored contact lenses have been available for some time, patients have often experienced discomfort, redness, and eye irritation with the use of other types of colored lenses. Air Optix Colors are made with the SmartShield technology that provides an extra protective layer, preventing deposits from accumulating in your contact lenses. These lenses are also made of silicone hydrogel material, which is the material that we recommend the most at the clinic. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses have increased oxygen permeability (increases comfort, longer wear and better eye health), wettability (better comfort) and clinical performance of contact lenses. Air Optix Colors have the highest oxygen transmissibility of any available colored contact lenses (up to 6x more oxygen reaches the eye). It also has a smooth plasma surface technology that makes the contact lens more comfortable on the eye and therefore resists lipids and deposits on the front surface of the contact lenses. Comfort is crucial, especially when wearing contact lenses all day.

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Maintaining the health and safety of your eyes is our main priority. While Air Optix Colors can be ordered with or without a prescription, it is best to see an optometrist prior to ordering any type of contact lenses due to the increased risk of eye infections among contact lens wearers. Air Optix Colors for astigmatic prescriptions are currently not available. Here at Eyedeology, we will happily assist you with booking in for an appointment with one of our eye doctors, as well as ordering your lenses and getting them shipped to you as soon as possible! Please contact us at (587) 353-5061 or book an appointment online at

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wear colored contacts in a day?
Our optometrists recommend wearing contact lenses for 12 to 14 hours per day.

Are coloured contact lenses reusable?
Air Optix Colors are monthly contact lenses that should be replaced 30 days after opening. Because these lenses are reusable, wearers are advised to carefully follow cleaning and replacement instructions to avoid any complications. Should you have any concerns regarding your contact lens wear, please consult your optometrist.

Do I need a prescription from an Optometrist to get a coloured contact lenses?
If you require prescription colored contact lenses, you will need to obtain an up-to-date contact lens prescription from your optometrist. The optometrist will ensure that the contact lens fits correctly on your eyes to avoid any potential discomfort.

Can coloured contact lenses be worn daily?
The AirOptix lenses can be worn daily for up to a maximum of 30 days. To prevent eye strain, our optometrists recommend wearing them for 12 to 14 per day.

Can I shop for Air Optix Colour lenses online from Eyedeology?
Yes! AirOptix Colours can be ordered in-clinic, over the phone and online at For prescription lenses, our optometrist will determine your prescription and fit the proper contact lenses for maximum comfort. Please call us at (587) 353-5061 or visit to book a contact lens eye exam.


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