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August 2, 2016

What’s stopping you from wearing both glasses and contact lenses?

Are you a typical contact lenses wearer who struggles to wear glasses?  Our optometrists recommend wearing both.  Long hours of contact lens wear can cause dryness and so it is important to alternate between the two.  Have you tried our high definition or digital lenses?

HD or digital lenses are great for high myopic (nearsightedness) and hyperopic (farsightedness) prescriptions.  They are the best thing that has happened to eyeglasses in the last 10 years.  So how much better are they from traditional lenses?  Our doctors compare the digital lenses to traditional lenses in the same manner as using one of the early cell phones to a new digital smart phone or using an analog TV to the new high-definition TV’s.  The difference is apparent as wearers now have a wider field of vision, can see through multiple points in the lenses, the image size stays the same as the actual size rather than being minified or magnified.  A recent study by the University of California at Berkeley confirmed consumer preference for HD lenses over conventional progressive lenses, in part because they reported being able to adapt faster to using the lenses and a wider field of vision when viewing objects nearby.

HD lenses are manufactured using digital computer technology. Our opticians use 5 measurements to ensure the lenses are customized to your individual eyes.  The result is sharper brighter vision whether you have nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatism. The lenses are also thin and light, making them ideal for long wear, even with the strongest prescriptions. You will find it is easier to transition between glasses and contact lenses without going thru the adaptation period.  These lenses are most common in progressive lenses and can also be made for single vision glasses.  So there really is no reason not to wear both.  Are you ready to see sharper? We would love to style you … come in and meet our friendly staff .

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