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April 13, 2020

Urgent Eye Care – Dr. Farrah’s Interview on AM 770

In case you missed Dr. Farrah on AM 770 this week, we thought we would recap the important points.

What is urgent eyecare?

If your experiencing vision & eye health issues such as an eye infection, eye injury, dry eyes, trauma, a foreign object in the eye, a sudden change in vision, or flashes or floaters in your vision.

What do you do?

Call or email your Optometrist right away and tell us what’s going on so we can help triage you.

Why Should Albertans seek help for any eye concerns right away?

By waiting your signs and symptoms can worsen and it can be detrimental to your vision of left for to long. You could be doing more damage to your eye by waiting or trying to treat it on your own. So when in doubt get a hold of your Optometrist – we are your family eye doctors. Book an appointment today.

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