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April 20, 2021

Pregnancy and Your Vision

Women can experience many changes during pregnancy such as body tenderness, water retention and nausea but did you know that the hormonal and physical changes experienced by expectant mothers can also affect the eyes?

Blurry vision is not unusual for pregnant women to experience. Fluid retention during pregnancy can affect the shape of the eye leading to slight vision changes. For most women these changes are temporary and return to normal after giving birth. However, in some cases these changes can be permanent and require an updated glasses prescription. Our Optometrist near you recommend a full eye exam 6-9 months postpartum to check for any prescription changes. Sometimes the vision may even improve after pregnancy!

Due to hormonal fluctuations, some women may experience more dry eyes during pregnancy. This may result in feelings of uncomfortable, gritty, red, burning or irritated eyes. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms our Optometrist near you can help manage the condition with lubricating eye drops, gels or in office treatments that are safe to use while pregnant.

Women with diabetes or gestational diabetes are at a higher risk of developing serious eye conditions that often worsen during pregnancy and can lead to permanent damage to the blood vessels in the eye. Pregnant women should monitor for severe blurring or fluctuating vision, double vision, flashes, floaters within the eyes, and partial vision loss. Women with diabetes or gestational diabetes should see their Optometrist once per trimester to monitor the blood vessels in the eye so that we can work together with their health professionals to monitor for and reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy, which is diabetes-induced retinal damage that can lead to permanent blindness.

Pregnancy is such an exciting and special time and as optometrists we want the expectant mothers out there to feel empowered and safe knowing that we are here to help ensure their eye health. Book your appointment today!

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