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February 28, 2023

Revolutionize Your Vision with Neurolens: The Ultimate Solution for Eye Strain

Are constant headaches, eye strain, neck pain, motion sickness or dry eyes bothering you? With Neurolens technology relief is in sight for all of these symptoms! We are so excited to share this ground-breaking technology at Eyedeology!

Neurolens is a specialized lens designed to improve the alignment of your eyes and reduce the strain on your visual system. Eye misalignment occurs when the eyes are not simultaneously focusing on a single point and therefore a slightly different image is being sent by each eye to our brain. Instead of seeing a clear image effortlessly, the final image that we see has to be manually combined by our brain, and this can cause stress on our visual and nervous system. The trigeminal nerve is the largest and most complex cranial nerve and its main function is to provide sensory innervation to the face. The ophthalmic branch of this nerve transmits sensory information from the visual system to the central nervous system and this nerve can become irritated by overstimulation. This in turn causes dilation of blood vessels near or on the surface of the brain, leading to headaches. The trigeminal nerve extends all the way to the top of the spine, which means that irritation can cause neck and shoulder pain as well.

Research suggests that digital eyestrain is a form of visually induced trigeminal nerve pain resulting from an overstimulation of the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve as a result of near work, particularly the use of digital devices. 

How does Neurolens work? 

Reducing trigeminal nerve overstimulation is where Neurolens can help. This customized lens provides a solution to those suffering from various eye-related problems such as headaches, eye strain, and eye misalignments by improving eye posture thus alleviating visually induced overstimulation on the trigeminal nerve.

Neurolens contains a contoured prism which places the correction in the spectacle lenses where it is required to help your eyes to maintain a comfortable position. This lens can be made for any glasses prescription, even children and those that do not require a spectacle lens power can benefit from improving their eye posture and visual comfort. Neurolens technology is backed by years of research, with over 93% of people experiencing relief from their symptoms of headaches and eyestrain by simply wearing the lenses. 

The Neurolens has many benefits which include: 

  1. Relief from Headaches: Neurolens is designed to reduce the strain on your visual system, which can cause headaches. By improving the alignment of your eyes, Neurolens help to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.
  2. Eye Strain Relief: Neurolens provides relief from eye strain, allowing you to work in front of the screens without suffering from fatigue or eye strain.
  3. Eye Misalignment Correction: Neurolens can help correct eye misalignment, allowing you to see more clearly and reducing the strain on your eyes.
  4. Improved Visual Clarity and Dry Eyes: Neurolens improves the alignment of your eyes, providing clearer and more comfortable vision and a reduction in dry eyes.

Neurolens Process

Once you take the quick Neurolens Lifestyle Survey our Optometrists will review the severity of your symptoms, then our in-office Neurolens device will measure the misalignment of your eyes. The Neurolens device will create a customized report which our optometrists will review with you. If you are a candidate, our optometrists will prescribe a custom pair of Neurolenses with your prescription! 

Neurolens is a unique blend of physics, optometry and neuroscience aimed at analyzing the way our eyes work. We are so excited to have this innovative technology at Eyedeology! We believe all our patients deserve to live free of headaches, neck pain, and eye strain and the Neurolens is a customized solution that will give you this relief! Call us at (587)-353-5061 or book on-line at to see how the Neurolens can change your life.

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