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September 20, 2021

Miyosmart lenses help to slow down the progression of Myopia

Glasses have long been the cornerstone of myopia correction. However, instead of just correcting for blurry distance vision we can now prescribe glasses that can not only provide clear vision but also actively slow down the progression of nearsightedness.

The Miyosmart lenses are a revolutionary spectacle lens designed by Hoya to help reduce the progression of myopia. This myopia control lens uses a breakthrough technology called D.I.M.S (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) where the central portion of the lens contains the full glasses prescription allowing for clear vision and the periphery is surrounded by several defocus segments. These segments alter the peripheral focus of light along the back of the eye in such a way that it signals to the eye to slow down its growth.

Based on a 2-year clinical trial, the Miyosmart lens was shown to reduce myopia progression by 59% and axial length (length of the eyeball) by 60% compared to children wearing single vision glasses lenses. Myopia progression was even completely stopped in 21.5% of children wearing the Miyosmart lenses. These lenses are fit just like single vision lenses and there are no limitations for the frame choice. Miyosmart lenses are designed to fit a child’s active lifestyle. These lenses come with a unique Eye Shield coating that is not only impact resistant but is also thin, light, and has added UV protection. Children at any age can wear the Miyosmart lenses and it is a very effective method to manage myopia. To learn more about the innovative technology behind the Miyosmart lenses, make an appointment for a myopia consultation with our Optometrists to discuss the myopia control options best suited for your child.

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