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February 18, 2021

Low Vision & How You Can Help

Low vision refers to vision loss that cannot be corrected by medical or surgical treatments or regular spectacle lenses. Low vision covers a broad spectrum of visual disability, from when your sight is impaired enough to interfere with daily activities like reading, cooking or driving, up to total blindness. Currently 1.5 million Canadians are blind or partially sighted.

Blindness has many causes, and each affects eyesight differently:

  • AMD creates distortion or blind spots in the central vision.
  • Glaucoma and Retinitis Pigmentosa affect peripheral vision causing tunnel vision.
  • Albinism causes high sensitivity to light.
  • Nystagmus affects eye movement and coordination
  • Some congenital conditions may impair sight, leaving someone with only light perception.

If vision loss is affecting your everyday activities or the quality of life of a loved one, ask our Optometrist for referral for vision rehabilitation through the CNIB foundation.

Vision loss rehabilitation is training to give people who are blind or partially sighted the practical skills they need to live safely and independently. Programs are free and available to Canadians with low vision. Rehabilitation services may include:

  • maximizing remaining eyesight through lighting and contrast
  • learning new ways to cook, shop and manage your home
  • providing devices and apps that make life easier
  • how to use a white cane
  • travelling in the community and using Calgary transit

Our Optometrist can review your vision, eye health, discuss the impact of sight loss in your life & and help set up a referral to the CNIB. We are here to help. Book your appointment today.

We are also collecting cellphones to help the CNIB provide access to visual apps to help visually impaired. If you have a phone you are not using, swing by our office to donate. Tax receipt available. For more information, email us at or call us at 587-353-5061.

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