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April 9, 2022

CEQUA Drops Advanced Dry Eyes Treatment

Introducing CEQUA

CEQUA, a new prescription dry eye solution, was just launched in Canada. CEQUA is one of three prescription drops approved in Canada to treat dry eye disease. What makes CEQUA unique is that it is formulated with Nanomicelle technology, which can form a protective shell around the active ingredient (cyclosporine) and deliver it to where it is needed on the eye’s front surface.

Exciting news for dry eye patients this month! A new dry eye prescription eye drop has launched in Canada called CEQUA (cyclosporine ophthalmic solution) 0.09%

How does CEQUA Work?

In studies, CEQUA has been indicated to increase tear production and reduce inflammation on the eye’s front surface. CEQUA is also simply dosed and has demonstrated an excellent long-term safety and tolerability profile.

5 Key Benefits Of CEQUA You Should Know

  • Tackle inflammation to trigger your tears
  • CEQUA helps you produce more of your own natural tears
  • See signs of improvement within 3 months of using these eyedrops
  • Helpful in Chronic Dry eye condition
  • Easy to use with long-lasting effects.
  • It can be used with ongoing treatments. Talk to your doctor at Eyedeology
  • Trusted brand by most Optometrists

What We Recommend

If you have been using many over-the-counter eye drops or a different dry eye medication and are struggling with your dry eyes

Book an appointment with Eyedeology to see our Calgary Optometrists for a dry eye assessment. We can determine if CEQUA is a good option to help manage your dry eye disease.


What is CEQUA and how do I know if it is working for me?

CEQUA (0.09% cyclosporine ophthalmic solution) is a drop used to treat chronic dry eye disease. It helps to increase tear production in just 3 months with improvement in signs in as little as one month. You should notice a reduction in your dry eye signs and symptoms and improved quality of life

How long can I use CEQUA?

Depending on the severity of your dry eyes, CEQUA can be used long-term to treat chronic dry eye disease.

Are there any possible side-effects of CEQUA?

One of the most common side effects of CEQUA is stinging on insertion of the drop and eye redness. Other reported side effects include eye irritation, eyelid inflammation, headache, and urinary tract infection.

Should I consult an Optometrist before using CEQUA?

As CEQUA is a medication, it can only be prescribed and is not available over the counter. We recommend getting a dry eye assessment with our Optometrists at Eyedeology to determine if CEQUA is right for you.

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