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June 17, 2021

How Has the Pandemic Affected Your Child’s Vision?

While we may not quite Appreciate the degree to which COVID-19 has impacted your lives, it is clear that things are different. Many of the activities that were done outdoors are no longer as accessible as before. Instead, people have had to adjust to doing everything within the confines of their houses. While for some this has become a comfortable experience, it is not the case all around for parents. For instance, the responsibility of caring for their children is even heavier.

Did you know that you now have to worry about the health of your child’s vision while indoors? The changes brought about by COVID-19 should make you a lot keener about the health of your child, even regarding their vision.

Eye Care Changes After COVID-19

The thing with vision health during this pandemic season in the world is that the effects are only realized gradually. You do not just wake up one day and realize that your vision is troubled. Instead, as you spend more time indoors, you may just be working against the healthy vision. In the end, the only way to determine for sure if you or your child have developed any vision problems is by visiting an optometrist near you for an eye exam. Otherwise, remaining keen about the eye strains and other symptoms can point you toward detecting an eye problem early.

Top 3 Common Vision Issues After COVID-19

Although the story is not the same for everyone, being in lockdown for several months has caused certain vision-related problems for many people. The problem arises as a result of changes in daily lifestyles.

  1. Digital Eye Strain
  2. It is the number one eye problem for children during the pandemic season. Many children today are enjoying more screen time than was the case before. It has become the most convenient way to kill time and enjoy leisure time. While it may be the case for your family, screen usage does present several consequences to the health of your eyes.

    Digital eye strain comes about when you are glued to any type of screen for long hours. The brightness of the gadgets, the flashy colors, as well as, the duration of use all play a role in sabotaging the health of your eyes. Ideally, using the screen for long periods makes the eyes work harder than they typically would. Some symptoms that result from digital eye strain are:

  3. Nearsightedness or Myopia
  4. It is a condition that presents problems when viewing objects at a distance. Technically, most of the screens in the household are held at a close distance. As your child gets used to such habits, they may develop blurry distance vision. Not only that, poor lighting in the house can lead to squinting when focusing on objects, among other issues. Further, studies in vision health show a relation between a lack of time spent outdoors and an increase in the chances of developing myopia.

  5. Dry Eyes
  6. It is a condition that features inadequate lubrication for your eyes. Ideally, the tears in your eyes are not enough to adequately lubricate your eyes. It happens as a consequence of staring at objects for too long without blinking as often as you should. The lack of breaks in between screen time can also play a big role in dry eyes.

Indicators of Vision Problems

Even before you see an eye doctor for an exam, there are tell-signs you can consider as indicators for vision problems. The signs you experience will differ, depending on how bad your visual habits have been over a certain amount of time.

  1. Headaches
  2. Dry eyes
  3. Blurry distance vision
  4. Eyestrain or eye fatigue
  5. Eye redness
  6. Flashes of light in one or both eyes
  7. Squinting – a need to squint or partially close your eyes to see clearly
  8. A need to sit closer to a television
  9. Scratchy sensation in your eyes


Whether you suspect it or not, make an effort to visit an eye doctor every few months. Be keen to identify any anomalies in your eyesight, whether regarding discomfort or deteriorating vision. Consider also other issues like neck, shoulder, or back pain that arise due to poor posture when glaring at screens. Book a consultation today!

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