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February 1, 2021

Have you tried Hypochlorous Spray?

For many of us, everyday mask wear has become the norm now. And in some professions you may even be required to wear your mask for many hours a day. This can not only lead to dry eyes and styes because of increased air being expelled upwards. We have been seeing more styes especially in children.

Styes are small, infected lumps along the edge of your eyelids, due to staphylococcal bacteria that get into the eyelash follicles and glands along the lids. You can transmit the bacteria by rubbing your eyes and there’s some speculation that bacteria exhaled along with your breath may be another culprit.

So what can we do to prevent these styes from happening? The answer is eye hygiene! Keeping the eyelids and lashes clean is key to preventing an eye infection. One natural way to do this is with hypochlorous acid (HOCl) spray. HOCl is a natural part of our internal defense system and is produced by our white blood cells, but it can also be synthesized and applied to our external environment like our skin. HOCl has antimicrobial properties that inactivates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi but is also gentle enough to be used on the eyes.

Studies have demonstrated HOCl’s ability to reduce gram negative, anaerobic and gram positive bacteria and is a safe treatment option for patients suffering from dry eyes, blepharitis, chalazia and hordeola.

All it takes is a few quick sprays throughout the day with a HOCl spray like Briotech or BIHOCL over your eyelids to enhance your body’s own natural defense system. If you haven’t tried it yet, visit our online store to purchase yours.

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