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July 24, 2020

Complimentary Glasses Consultations

Buying the right pair of glasses can be a daunting task during the best of times but during a pandemic it can be downright difficult! Thankfully, our team is here to make things easy! To help keep everyone safe we are limiting the number of people in our clinic at one time to allow for social distancing and booking clients in for glasses consultations.

During your glasses consultation, you will have one-on-one time with our highly knowledgeable opticians who can assist you in choosing the perfect frames and lenses that suit your face shape and compliment your lifestyle and visual needs. You can even take a picture and send it to friends and family that may not be able to accompany you to get their opinion. All of the frames that are tried on are thoroughly disinfected in between patients.

From the prescription itself to fitting the eyewear, it’s all about measurement. Precise pupil distance (PD) and fitting height values are crucial to visual clarity and comfort. For highly specialized lenses such as a progressive addition lenses, additional measurements, done with high accuracy, can make the visual experience even better. With more complicated prescriptions or more sophisticated lenses, the greater the precision that is needed to get the best visual performance.

At Eyedeology, we use the expertise of our Opticians along with digital measurements to allow for highly accurate and efficient measurements. These measurements take into account where the center of the frame is relative to your eye, how the frames are sitting on your face, your head and neck posture, and even the tilt of the frame relative to your face. The way a particular frame sits in front of each individual face is unique. Depending on the strength of your prescription, certain frame choices may also increase the amount of distortion in your lenses or may not look as nice cosmetically and could even give the dreaded coke-bottle effect!

With all of these important variables, if you don’t know what you are choosing or simply trying to pick and measure glasses online there is a lot of room for error that can lead to a poor visual experience. Let our team of experts help educate you and take the stress out of selecting the perfect pair of glasses. Book your complimentary glasses consultation today!

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