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January 5, 2021

Cleaning Your Eyelids

You may have heard of makeup brushes for putting on makeup but did you know there are brushes to remove eye makeup as well? Just like we use a toothbrush to clean our teeth every day to remove plaque and build-up, eyelid margin cleansing brushes are designed to clean at the base of our lashes to remove bacteria, dead skin cells, demodex, and stuck-on makeup like mascara which can be difficult to remove easily. This helps to keep our eyelids clean and healthy and reduce the risk of getting eye infections, styes and dry eyes.

Our Optometrists love the fantastic trio of eyelid brushes designed by Optometrist Dr. Tanya Gill from We Love Eyes:

1) The Eyelid Margin Brush allows for precise placement of your favorite lid hygiene cleanser and the soft-tiered brush is both gentle and easy to use, making for comfortable daily usage.

2) The In-Between Eyelash Brush is ideal for cleaning between your lashes which promotes eyelid margin and lash follicle health.

3) The Eyelid Margin Scrub Brush targets and removes debris along the lashes and it can also scrub away capped oil glands along the eyelid margins.

Best of all, these brushes are safe to use on natural lashes, false lashes and lash extensions. The reusable nature of the brushes also reduce waste from cotton pads and swabs. We carry these brushes in the office for purchase through our online store or in-office.

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