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October 8, 2022

CEQUA For Dry Eye Disease: What Makes These Eyes Drops So Different?

Why Cequa an Eye Drop for Dry Eyes is recommended by Top Optometrists in Calgary

Cequa is the newest dry eye drop on the market, just recently entering the Canadian market! CEQUA is a drop used to treat chronic dry eye disease. It helps to increase tear production in just 3 months with improvement noticed in as little as one month. Cequa contains cyclosporine which is an immunosuppressant that modifies the immune system by decreasing inflammation in the eyes. The unique nanomicellar technology (NCELL) composition contains an outside hydrophilic, water-attracting, a shell that allows better absorption of the drug onto the eye’s surface.

Preparing for Dry Eye months – How CEQUA can help?

The fall and winter months are known to make dry eye symptoms worse. Unfortunately, the symptoms of dry eye disease get worse as the climate gets drier in these months, prepare yourself by contacting your Optometrist at Eyedeology and seeing how CEQUA can help you!

What makes CEQUA different from other eye drops

CEQUA is different from other dry eye drops because it is formulated with Nanomicelle technology, which can form a protective shell around the cyclosporine and deliver it to where it is needed on the eye’s front surface. CEQUA also has a higher cyclosporine concentration compared to other leading brands at 0.09%.

Know Your CEQUA Eye Drops

Active Ingredients

The active ingredient in CEQUA is cyclosporine, a class of calcineurin inhibitor immunosuppressants indicated to increase tear production in patients. 


The recommended dosage of CEQUA is l one drop twice daily (approximately 12 hours apart) into each eye. An increase or decrease in dosage is made at the clinical judgement of the optometrist, ensure you follow the dosage prescribed by your optometrist. 

Side Effects

The main side effects caused by CEQUA include stinging and redness in the eyes upon instillation. These side effects usually only last for up to 15 mins after usage. In rare cases eyelid inflammation, headache, and urinary tract infection were reported. 


CEQUA helps produce more natural tears, helping to lubricate the surface of your eyes and tacking the inflammation, signs of improvement were noticed within 3 months of using the drops. CEQUA can be used in conjunction with other dry eye treatments, be sure to speak with your optometrist. 

CEQUA for Children

Is it Safe for children?

At this time there is no clinical trial done where CEQUA was used on children so the safety and efficacy can’t be determined. Speak with our optometrist’s to find other safe dry eye treatments suitable for children.

Is CEQUA permanent?

CEQUA is a dry eye drop which provides relief from dry eye symptoms. Depending on the severity of your dry eye symptoms, CEQUA can provide either temporary or long-lasting relief.

Talk to your Optometrist regarding CEQUA

Should I consult an Optometrist before administering CEQUA?

Yes, make sure to book an appointment with your optometrist to determine whether CEQUA is the right dry eye drop to manage your symptoms.


Visit Eyedeology to assess your Dry Eye Condition

Together we can work to ensure this dry eye season you are prepared! Book your dry eye assessment today with Dr. Farrah Sunderji or Dr. Jessica Yang! Call us at 587-353-5061 or book online today for a customized plan to treat your dry eye symptoms.

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