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February 4, 2015

Never Neglect Your Lashes: the Onset of Blepharitis

What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is defined as a chronic inflammatory disease of the eyelids. The cause of Blepharitis is an excess of the bacteria that commonly lives along the lid and base of our eyelashes. It is a condition that can be developed by anyone at any point in their lives. However, the onset of this condition more commonly appears with age as our bodies make fewer antibodies in our tears. 

A biofilm is produced when there is excess production of bacteria, trapping debris along our eyelashes, which in turn releases bacterial exotoxins along the lid margin. As a result, the exotoxins penetrate the eyelid tissue and cause inflammation along the eyelid, ultimately decreasing tear production. With a reduction in the tear film, more bacteria collects and manifests, leading to chronic irritation and dry eye. 

There are four stages to Blepharitis. In the first stage, the lid margin is inflamed with very little or no debris visible.The second stage symptoms consist of inflammation, mild debris and swelling along the lash follicle.The third stage shows an increase in inflammation with moderate debris, swelling of the lash follicle, and early stage of lash misdirection. The final and last stage has inflammation with heavy debris, swelling of the lash follicle, lash misdirection, and ingrown lashes. 

To combat this neglected eye care concern, BlephEx™ is highly recommended as the most effective solution for Blepharitis. The deep clean gently exfoliates your lashes and eyelids with instantly noticeable reduction in symptoms. By removing the exotoxin-laden biofilm along your lid margin, you are preventing long-term inflammatory damage to your tear glands and a reduction in dry eyes. 

The BlephEx™ procedure is done in our very own clinic by your trusted Optometrists. The procedure is painless with little to no downtime required. A BlephEx™ handpiece is used carefully along your lash line and eyelids, removing all the excess scurf and debris while simultaneously exfoliating your eyelids. The micro-sponge used in this procedure is disposable and a new one will be used for each eyelid to prevent the spread of bacteria from one eye to the other. To ensure you are comfortable during the procedure, a numbing drop is placed in each eye prior to treatment. You may experience a tickling sensation as the exfoliation occurs. We ask you to reserve 30 minutes of time for the entire process.  

Once the procedure is complete, our eye doctors will recommend maintenance treatment accordingly. This procedure is repeated every four to six months for effectiveness. 


Progressive Stages of Blepharitis

Stage 1 Inflammation of lid margin with minimal to no scurf

Stage 2 Inflammation with mild scurf, lash follicle swelling

Stage 3 Inflammation with moderate scurf, lash follicle swelling, early lash misdirection

Stage 4 Inflammation with heavy scurf, lash follicle swelling, lash misdirection and ingrown lashes

BlephEx™ is the best spa treatment for your eyes. Come experience relief!

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