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We are passionate about your eyes, and about building long-lasting relationships. Our goal is to ensure your eyes remain healthy throughout your life. We are all about service, love, kindness and a belief in strong community. Through our holistic approach to caring for you and our dedication to learning, we pioneer carefully researched new treatments, technology, and products to help ensure eye health.

We are passionate about eye health and helping you look great.

The skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of aging.  At Eyedeology, we believe in a comprehensive and preventative approach to eye care and eye health.  In response to our patient’s questions about safe and effective eye care products, and in conjunction with our research, We offer Health Canada-approved and cosmeceutical-grade skin care products, physician-based and rooted in science.

When we know we’re using products that not only protect our skin but also help improve the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and puffy eyes, our self-confidence is significantly enhanced:  when we look great, we feel great!

Careful selection of products used in and around the eyes is crucial to preventing eye problems.

In Calgary, many of us suffer from Dry Eyes and dry skin because of our dry environment. The skincare and make-up products we use may be contributing factors to Dry Eyes because of irritating chemicals and preservatives.

Many cosmetic products can potentially contain harmful chemicals leading to the aggravation of dry eye symptoms and skin irritation. Moreover, a growing amount of evidence has linked prolonged use of such ingredients to systemic long-term health consequences. Our commitment to improving your eye health includes ensuring the use of healthy and safe products around the eyes. We encourage you to look through your cosmetics and skincare products and check to see if these ingredients are listed. If they are, time to toss them!

Check out the list of the Dirty Dozen+ Ingredients to Avoid in your Skincare and Cosmetic Products

Check out the safety profile of your current cosmetic products.

We are dedicated to learning and pioneering carefully researched new treatments, technology, and products.


We are dedicated to learning and pioneering carefully researched new treatments, technology, and products.

This was the inspiration behind us sourcing a physician-recommended and science-based mineral makeup, eye makeup remover, and skin care line free of parabens, chemical dyes, talc, and perfumes. What we love about these products is that they are also cruelty-free and vegan. Our skincare line helps to regenerate collagen 1 which we stop producing in our twenties.

Our cosmetic products can help you achieve perfect brows and help you grow longer fuller lashes.  Our eye make-up removers are safe and effective at maintaining false lashes. All of these components will help you not only look younger but also help with your Dry Eyes.


Re-order Your Eye Care Products & Contact Lenses

We know life gets busy and want to help make things easy for you. Re-order your contact lenses, vitamins, eye drops, and cosmetics / skin care at your convenience. Shop our online store and come into our office to pick up your order, or we can ship directly to you. We can also rush your products to you with same day delivery.


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