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January 25, 2017

We love Eyes xoxo – the best eye makeup remover . . . Optometrist approved

“Sleeping around with your eye makeup is a dirty habit”.– Dr. Tanya Gill, OD

We couldn’t agree more! Beauty Resolution 2017 – stop sleeping in your makeup and that includes your eye makeup. A big part of my role as an Optometrist is eye health and that includes ocular hygiene. Washing off your eye makeup at night is a must to prevent eye infections, irritations, styes, blepharitis, dry eye,mites (yuck!), and not to mention damage to your beautiful eyelashes. Did you know that left on mascara can cause eyelashes to become brittle, break, and shed faster?

So ladies, what do you use to wash off your eye makeup at the end of a long day of hustling? Have you read the ingredients in your eye makeup remover to see how safe they are around the eyes?

After doing some research, our search for an all-natural eye makeup remover led us to the We Love Eyes eyelid and eyelash makeup remover, foaming cleanser and cleansing oil. Inspired by girl boss and fellow colleague Dr. Tanya Gill, OD, We Love Eyes is the first Optometrist developed and formulated cleansing system for the eyes. These products not only keep your eyes clean and healthy, they are designed for eye conditions we see on a daily basis in YYC such as chronic dry eyes, irritations, inflammation, and blepharitis.

So how natural is it? We Love Eyesis formulated withplant-based organic essential oils – tea tree, jojoba oil and grape seed oil. Tea tree oil being the main active ingredient is antimicrobial and works against bacteria and demodex mites on the eyelashes which are often the source of inflammation, infections (styes and acne rosacea) and dry eye symptoms. Best yet, these products are all vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, retinoid free, gluten-free, preservative-free, formaldehyde-free and petrochemical-free! They do not contain any harmful or irritating substances whatsoever. So whether it’s safe makeup removal or relief from dry eye & blepharitis symptoms this system will do the dirty work for you.

We tested the products out on ourselves and love the clean, fresh feeling of our eyes afterwards! Obsessed – yes! This is by far the best makeup remover I have found on the market to date and it has become part of my nightly beauty regimen. It is so easy to use – all you need is a couple of drops of the tea tree makeup remover oil on a cotton pad. Swipe across your lid and you are done! Follow this up with the tea tree eye lid foaming cleaner to wash away any residual makeup – they work great in combination. The oil is a dry oil which means it will not leave your eyes feeling oilyor blur your vision.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Stop by our location to try it out and pick up your own today. You will love it too! Dermatology tested. Allergy Tested. Optometrist approved!

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